A couple of weeks ago, I was rendering an outdoor scene and discovered my windows weren't showing any transparency. I know it used to allow transparent materials. I checked to see if there was an updated version and download and installed it but that didn't seem to change anything. I've checked and rechecked all properties and can't seem to find a solution. 

Any ideas or suggestions?

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I solved the problem. Since no one (not even a moderator) was willing to help,I'll keep the solution to myself.

Sorry that we didn't see this.

Hopefully you discovered that you can make the windows reflective rather than transparent to see reflections better.

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Oops - actually that wasn't the right answer.

The problem I had was primarily having a window that was semi-transparent and reflective. Since there was window shades on the inside, I wanted to see those and the reflections of the trees in the yard. After changing the values of both the transparency and reflective qualities many times I found that no matter what value I set the transparency at, it wouldn't be transparent at all but I could change the reflectiveness properties.   

At some point, I noticed a button (in the rendering settings I think) that said "reset to default values"

Once I clicked that, things worked like they should. Kinda like windows Cntl+alt+delete to fix windows problem of years ago.

It may have been refractive or reflective bounces,

Sometimes these get set to 0 - which means not light passes through transparent, refractive, glass, and no light reflects. 

Reset to defaults sets them back to 3 and 6

Yeh..... that's the problem with so many options and buttons. Play with them long enough, you're bound to break things.   Don't take away that reset button. I'm not through clicking on those buttons. 


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