When I change the color of a component, why doesn't the new color show when I render the scene. It shows the origional finish?

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This should work, except in cases where you are using an AreilVision material which already has a color - for example from a texture image.

Can you upload a small model with a component which is not working properly?

Al...I will try and upload a small model. The problem is I'm rendering a reatil store that I did in SU. I inserted a clothing rack, which when inserted the color was white. I edited the component to change the color to black paint. BUT when I tried to render it, it didn't show the new color that I selected, even though in the model it was showing the new color selection.

Al, Here's the model.





Here's the model so you look at the clothes rack component.


If you cannot upload the .SKP file, try a .ZIP file of it, or send  it to support@renderplus.com



I sent the file vis yousendit...I also sent you two renderings that I did with your software...





We took a look at your model, and discovered that you have made the clothes rack 90% reflective, so it is reflecting a lot of white light.

Make it less reflective in which case it will reflect things more in the color or the rack - black.

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